Big Thank You To:

Carlton Gill Blyth

Harmonica and Backing Vocals

Dee Fox

Penny Whistle,Accordian
Backing Vocals

Colin Gray

Lead and Accoustic Guitars

David from Anglessy

for the Narration on Gelert

Jo Morrison

Backing Vocals on
Castle Walls

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Songs were embedded into website

 using PodSnack


All songs were recorded in our boat.

Cheryl Standley (My Girlfriend) wrote and sang
Scrubhounds, Castle master, My Kin, Little Girl, Cut these Ties and Autmn.

I sang Poopy Fields which was written by Colin Gray

I wrote and sang Blackjacks Jam

Gelert and Walking are reworks of the original Steve Whitney Band releases.

Hares on a mountain and Drunken Sailor are unknown

Copyright Mick Hudson 2011, All rights reserved.

I arranged and recorded the songs using 

Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch

Cubase 4 and 
Logic Express 9

Korg NX5 Keyboard and M-Audio Keystudio MIDI Controller

Aria and Tanglewood and Eco 12 String Accoustic Guitars

Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Shure SM58 and Blue Yeti  THX